A company that looks to the future

Mission: total quality

Veneta Pesca’s plant stands out for its large size and sophisticated technologies.

The company is based in a 17,000 m2 area in Porto Viro (Rovigo) which is connected directly to the State highway, SS309 Romea. This puts it in a strategically perfect position to receive sea-caught fish and for vital logistic purposes.

The project for the new plant – featuring cutting-edge technological innovation – has been designed to guarantee that large-scale retail companies, fishmongers and the catering industry receive an extremely fresh and durable product that is healthy, safe and controlled.


Safety, controls, traceability

Each link of the chain is constantly and carefully controlled and monitored to guarantee utmost quality at all times. From the time the catch is purchased directly from Italian and foreign fishing fleets while it is still on the fishing boats, to when the goods are received and traced, to veterinary controls, right down to processing and selling, every step is constantly monitored to ensure that customers receive a safe, top-quality product.