Only the best from the seven seas

Unfailingly Superior Quality

Thanks to suppliers on international markets and to a network of local partners, Veneta Pesca can offer a vast range of both fresh and frozen fish varieties. For as much as regards fresh fish, the company sells both sea-caught products and fish farmed in the best and most highly-qualified Italian and foreign fisheries. Veneta Pesca can therefore offer a vast array of fish from all over the world, ranging from blue fish to crustaceans, sea bream and sea bass, soles and molluscs, eels and salmons and many other prized Italian and European varieties. Our range of first-rate frozen products include Shrimps from Ecuador, Prawns from Argentina, Squid from Patagonia, Octopus, Scampi, Angler fish and Scallops.


Quick and punctual deliveries are fundamental to satisfy every customer. To this purpose Veneta Pesca relies on a logistics partner as trustworthy as Trasporti Frigoriferi Portoviresi (TFP), a company with a fleet of refrigerated vehicles able to transport and distribute fresh and frozen fish daily all over Italy.

Thanks to its highly-qualified personnel, TFP guarantees deliveries all over the country – to Veneto, Lombardia, Liguria, Emilia Romagna, Tuscany and Sardinia – ensuring quick and safe deliveries to every destination while respecting requested delivery times to the hour.

A perfect B2B Partner

Veneta Pesca is always a safe and reliable partner for those who sell fish in the large-scale retail trade.

From the deeply-rooted network of specialised shops (fishmongers) in Italy to the groups and companies working for the large-scale retail trade, Veneta Pesca guarantees the 3 marketing Ps (Product, Price and Place) to each of its customers.


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