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Our story

Founded in 1972 on the passion for the sea and the determination of three young business men – Giovanni Cattin, Giovanni Zavarin e Gianfranco Passerella – initially Veneta Pesca sold fish caught locally in the Po river Delta, in Venice and in Rimini to markets in northern Italy.

Thanks to the business skills of its partners, the company quickly started to extend and expand the sale of its products to important Italian regions such as Tuscany and Liguria where its customers and distribution channels benefited from a significant increase.

The second generation of the Cattin and Zavarin families has been leading the company since 2000. Walking in their parents’ footsteps, they have strengthened the company’s leadership in the Italian fishing industry to an even greater degree and, in 2008, they moved the business to new, very modern premises in Porto Viro to keep up with the requirements of the modern large-scale retail market.

About Us

Veneta Pesca is a long-standing company in the B2B Northern Adriatic fish wholesale trade.

With an almost 25-year long history, the company now boasts a leading position on the Italian fish market and has become a reference point for the industry thanks to the results obtained with the efforts and passion that have been setting it apart from other fish businesses for two generations.

Our Executive Crew