Only the best of the sea


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Come and follow the presentation of our Company and read about the strengths that have allowed us to become leaders in the four major areas of the Italian fishing industry.

Fresh and thawed fish

Why choose Veneta Pesca?

The quality of our fresh fish is always guaranteed

We deliver fist-class, selected and safe products

The quality of our products is assured by foolproof preservation processes and total traceability

Our products come from selected and controlled fish farms and from sea-catches in the Northern Adriatic Venetian Lagoon

Our Strengths


Each batch of fish – caught mainly in the Adriatic or Mediterranean Sea – is carefully selected and controlled in every processing phase.


Our plant boasts cutting-edge fish preservation and sorting technologies.


Daily deliveries are assured all over Italy by TFP, a dedicated refrigerated transport company.


We deliver very fresh, top-quality products that come exclusively from sustainable fishing practices.